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Android latest OS for PC 32 bit download

 Android latest OS for PC 32 bit download

Android has been all the time in the news, not just because of it’s deep ecosystem but also the projects involving behind it.Android for 32 bit has been involved in the developers mind from past few years.There have been many failures in the past few releases of x86 versions.

But this time it’s worth to download into your PC.Developers have released a beta version of Android x86 build running on Jelly Bean OS 4.2.

You can download the latest version and install it in your PC by using a boot-able disk or by USB drive or else as a virtual installation.

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Settings Screen:

Android latest OS for PC 32 bit download

If you are just thinking of trying all these features, then try to install via USB drive which is pretty faster compared with disk installation.

Apps Screen

Android latest OS for PC 32 bit download

##Key Features of this version:

Multiple Account support (Up-to 8)

You can virtualize SD card as internal storage.

Ethernet supporting for only DHCP

Virtualization Support (Virtual Box)

Multi-touch, WiFi, Camera, Audio and many more.

For better support use 3.8.0 kernel which has more support for drivers.


Background apps are freezing in between.

Apps crashing problems.

No support for Bluetooth

Download the ISO file from here..

Image source:Web UPD8

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